Broadcast live with Flash Media Encoder

1) Download and install Flash Media Encoder (FME): Click here to download.

2) Open FME;

3) In the Video section select your curent video device;

4) Select H264 as video format;

5) Choose your prefered screen size;

6) Choose as bitrate a medium bandwidth of 400 kbps;

7) In the audio section select an ‘Audio’ device available from the list;

8) Select AAC as audio codec. If you are using Window, AAC is available as separate plugin to be installed. Then choose Mp3 format if AAC is not available.

9) Select you prefered audio settings for Channels/Sample Rate/Bit rate/Mic volume level.

10) Tuning “Deinterlace” on is a help to reduce lines in your picture;

11) In the Output section type the following in FMS Url :


Please notice that for better fast performances and to avoid DNS issues form your local area, we suggest to use the direct address : instead of “”


12) In the strem field you need to provide your username and

password in the following format : username?key=password

For example, if your username is bob and password is bingo3567 your sream name is :
13) Click on 'Connect' to connect to the server;
14) Click on the big green 'Start' button near the bottom of the page to start streaming your video and/or audio source to your account.