Supported Audio and Video Devices

The list of compatible audio and video devices may depend on the specific Operating system, and the encoder you use. We support the following hardware and software encoders :

1) Web Brodacaster accessible at :

2) Adobe Media Encoder 3.2 ( Mac OS and Windows version supported);

3) OBS – Open Broadcaster Sofwtare ( Available only for Windows);

4) All hardware and software encoders compatible with RTMP protocol ( like Minicaster, etc..) ;

5) IP Cameras and GOPRO;

For The Web Broadcaster and Adobe Media Encoder, here you
Here you can find the list of supported audio and video devices: Supported Devices

For OBS, you may use all the Windows compatible audio and video devices.

For the hardware and sofwtware encoders, plaese refer to our connection string to setup your RTMP compatible encoder :


To setup IP cameras, and GOPRO, you need an additional setup. Please contact our support contact form to provide you more information;