Using the Web Publisher to stream directly from this website

To use the web publisher:

1) login with your userid and password to the follwing page :

2) The web publisher simple interface will appear. Enter your Channel name and password in the required fields;

3) Once authenticated, the broadcast button will be enabled;

4) Flash Player will use your webcam as main video device. If you like to use a different video device, or audio source just right click on the screen area, and select from the Flash Player settings a diffrent video source or audio sorce from the list of your available devices. For infomration about the list of supported audio / vidoe devices, please check on Adobe Flash Player website the list of supported devices;

5) Choose your prefered settings as resolution acording to your available upload bandwidth;

6) If you like more advanced settings, just click on “advanced settings” link below the screen. A new interface will load with more functionalities. If you wish to continue with the standard settings, just jump to the next step below;

7) Once done with your own preferred settings, press the “Broadcast” button.

8) If your conection is made, a pup-up message will display asking if you like to authorize the website to enter in Peer Assisted Networking mode. If you confirm to yes, The live stream will start and a live screen of your broadcast will display;

9) Your live stream will be visible to your channel page at the address :

You can acess to the channel page also from the menu on the left side on the link: “Channel Page”

10) To send/post your broadcast link to your social media websites, choose one of the social media links available from the “Channel Page” and click on it;

11) If you prefer to embed the live Video Player on your Facebook wall, please request it as Advanced User functionality by using the Contact form page;