About Us

Flushnet is pioneer in streaming technologies, with over 20 years in research and development in IT applications, networks, streaming media, and broadcast. Flushnet is proud to launch “Flushnet Live” the new platform based on Standard Streaming and p2p network sharing technologies for real time collaboration. Flushnet Live opens the new frontiers to online live streaming, Video On demand, content distribution, and online gaming.

We provide Fast and  Scalable streaming solutions to fit any customer need for consumer and small business customers up to large scale broadcasting services.

We offer solutions for Broadcasting Live and On Demand, Video Encoding, Transcoding, Distribution, Protection, and Monetization of media content. We provide Custom solutions, System Integration, Sofwtare Development, Project Management and IT Consulting for your Digtal Media Cotent.

Stay tuned to receive updates on our business development, or use our contact page.